Acne Step #3 Cream 1.5 oz




Daisy MD Acne Step #3 Penetrates deeper into the skin’s layers to remove the last unwanted acne and blemishes that remain while stimulating and promoting faster cellular growth at rapid rates to remove any unwanted scarring and acne spots on the skin.


Active Ingredient: 10% Benzoyl Peroxide
PLEASE NOTE: Before we process your order to ship Acne Step #3, we must verify your use of Acne Step #1 & Acne Step #2 prior. If you haven’t used these two creams prior to Acne Step #3 we will unfortunately not be able to process and ship your order. Please allow an additional 24-48 to verify.

How to Apply

01.  Apply a small amount of Exfoliating Cleanser (dime size) to the palm of your hand.
02.  Add water to dilute.
03.  Mix and gently wash face.
04.  Quickly rinse off with water.
05.  Pad-dry face.
06.  Do not rub or massage cleanser into the skin (It will irritate the skin if you do). Pad (do not rub in!) a very small amount of the Acne Cream to your forehead [1], chin [2], lower cheeks [3], and nose [4]. Please refer to the diagram to your right and the video below. From the side of your nose to the point of your ear make an imaginary straight line [5]. You will apply the cream BELOW this imaginary line. (Even if you have acne or any other problem(s) near your eyes do not apply around eye area; cream will penetrate 2” in every direction.